“Writing breeds writing.”
– Donald Murray


For now, all our workshops are taking place online.

  • Writing Nonfiction (online)

    March 20th to March 21st, 2021

    “Creative nonfiction” can take so many forms: the profile or feature article, the travel piece, the review, the personal essay or memoir, and more. Compelling nonfiction transcends the mere factual.

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  • Flash Fiction (online)

    April 24th to April 25th, 2021

    What’s so great about very short stories? Well, you can read a work of flash fiction over a single cup of coffee. And writing a work of micro-fiction can be done in a day.

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Past Workshops

  • Writing about Food (online)

    February 13th to February 14th, 2021

    Writing about food can be deep, rich, rewarding. The goal of this workshop: to help you find your voice as a food writer. You’ll think, eat, and write about food.

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  • The Short Story (online)

    January 23rd to January 24th, 2021

    Writing a short story is a wonderfully intricate process; we make countless creative decisions in the course of telling a single tale. During these two days, we’ll explore the most vital creative decisions and find what works for you as a storyteller.

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  • Writing Memoir (online)

    November 21st to November 22nd, 2020

    A personal essay is 3,000 percent easier to write than a short story, claims writer Carol Bly.

    The essay is indeed a scalable form. In fact, this is our starting point for Writing Memoir: the personal essay. During this weekend, you’ll get the coaching to create a complete personal essay—from idea to first draft.

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  • Simply Writing (online)

    September 26th to September 27th, 2020

    Do you only write when you have an assignment? What obstacles do you experience to writing? How can you structure your life in order to keep writing? How, exactly, do you finish a piece of writing?

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  • Advanced Fiction (online)

    July 11th to July 12th, 2020

    Writer’s block. Narrators trapped inside their own heads. Stories with intriguing beginnings—but no clear ending. These are a few of the problems fiction writers may face.

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  • New!
    Read Like a Writer (online)

    May 30th to May 31st, 2020

    “If we want to write, it makes sense to read—and to read like a writer. If we wanted to grow roses, we would want to visit rose gardens and try to see them the way that a rose gardener would.” – Francine Prose

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  • The Poetic Voice (online)

    April 25th to April 26th, 2020

      “I think the key is to listen, not necessarily to the poet’s reading aloud, but to the internal voice in the poem.” – Ming Di

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  • The Art of Revision

    May 25th to May 26th, 2019

    “Writing is rewriting,” the adage tells us. But how do we rewrite? How do we decide what to leave in and what to take out? How do we determine the scope of a piece, divine its essence, know where to start and where to end?

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