Do you have stories to tell — in poetry or prose?

Poetry as Storytelling

“Poetry as Storytelling” starts with a simple premise: that the essence of your original poem is the story you tell, in your own, original way.

“Poetry as Storytelling” is a one-day poetry jam. You’ll spend the day hearing published poetry, learning more narrative craft, and writing. At the end of the day, you’ll hear your work read aloud (anonymously)—and get individualized feedback on your writing.

You'll leave the class with:

  • a packet of your poems—written in different styles
  • a month’s worth of writing prompts for getting started writing, again and again
  • a sturdy approach to storytelling—in poetry and prose
    info on how and where to submit your poetry for publication

This is the third in our series of annual poetry workshops, in which beginners and experienced writers are welcome. The workshop is taught by poet Ann van Buren and writer Lisa Friedman.

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