• The Short Story (online)

    Writing a short story is a wonderfully intricate process; we make countless creative decisions in the course of telling a single tale. During these two days, we’ll explore the most vital creative decisions and find what works for you as a storyteller.

  • Writing about Food Graphic Thumbnail

    Writing about Food (online)

    Writing about food can be deep, rich, rewarding. After all, food writing can take practically any form. The goal of this workshop: to help you find your voice as a food writer. You’ll think, eat, and write about food. All levels welcome. Beginners and non-native speakers of English welcome.

  • Flash Fiction (online)

    In 2017, The New Yorker magazine started a summer-long flash-fiction series. It was a milestone: the form has come of age. What’s so great about very short stories? You can write a first draft in a single day. Read more…

  • Revise Your Fiction

    How do you complete a work of fiction—whether it’s flash fiction, a short story, a novella, or a novel? How do you make it “as perfect” as it can be?

    At “Revise Your Fiction,” we’ll define concrete steps for moving forward with your creative writing. You’ll leave this class with a story written and revised during the weekend—and a blueprint for all future revisions.

  • The Novel

    During the weekend, you’ll get an overview of what it takes to complete a novel. You do not need to be working on a book to attend the workshop. Whether you’re a beginner or an established writer, you’ll be able to solicit the information and insights to get the words on the page.

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