“The novella is at once the most elegant and demanding form.”

- Lauren Groff

The Novella (online)

What’s so elegant about the novella? It sings a long song, fluidly, and with style. And why is it difficult? Because, as Lauren Groff knows, “[the] writer must balance the looseness of a novel with the concision of a short story.”

During “The Novella” weekend, you’ll learn:
• how to start a novella—without necessarily knowing how it ends
• the kinds of characters that can “carry” a novella
• what differentiates the novella from the novel
• how to scale a plot to the novella form
• what gives a novella narrative drive

Beginners and non-native speakers of English are welcome.


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March: Writing Flash Fiction

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  • Taught by Lisa Friedman

  • Venue: Online

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