“If we want to write, it makes sense to read—and to read like a writer. If we wanted to grow roses, we would want to visit rose gardens and try to see them the way that a rose gardener would.” – Francine Prose

Read Like a Writer (online)

What does it mean to read closely?

How can deep reading change you as a reader—and as a writer?

At this workshop, Dr. Harry Segal will join us in exploring how literature works. Together, we’ll read a carefully curated selection of texts, both fiction and poetry. For each, we’ll explore:

  • How to use published works as models for your own work-in-progress
  • How literature succeeds in evoking emotion in the reader
  • How writers innovate—and why innovation matters
  • What close reading teaches us about technique
  • How to define meaning—and theme—in a text
  • What it means for literature to be relevant
  • How genre affects readers’ expectations

Overnight, you’ll write a short piece to turn in on Sunday. You’ll hear your work read aloud anonymously. Then, the group will discuss the emotions your piece evokes in each of us.

Readers, writers, and non-native speakers of English are welcome.

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  • Taught by Lisa Friedman and Harry Segal

  • Venue: Online

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