“Reading is bread.”

– Cynthia Ozick

What to Read Next: A Mini-workshop (online)

For writers, reading is so consequential—a particular book can unlock new ideas, new thinking, even a way of finishing a project.

So, how do we decide what to read next?

Reading book reviews helps, of course, as does hanging around bookstores, trawling lit mags, talking to friends, fellow writers….

In advance of this mini-workshop, you’ll receive a survey about your book-selection habits and reading preferences. At the session, we’ll be joined by friend-of-the-workshops Isabella Massardo—writer, linguist, content creator & wrangler, and reader extraordinaire. You’ll leave this experience with both a customized list of reading recommendations and the other participants’ booklists, for good measure.

Readers, writers, and non-native speakers of English are welcome.


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  • Taught by Lisa Friedman

  • Venue: Online

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