“Loving to read made we wish to write.”
– Eudora Welty

Write for Children (online)

How do you write a memorable children’s story? Write a Young Adult novel? Nonfiction that reaches out to young people?

It’s all about creating lovable (and hate-able) characters. Transforming a story idea into scenes on the page. And knowing the conventions of children’s and young-adult literature.

At “Write for Children” we'll analyze a range of categories, from picture books to Young Adult novels. You'll leave the class with:

  • 10 writing techniques based on best-loved children’s books
  • A first draft of your story, written at the workshop
  • Notes on how to expand & revise your story

All levels and non-native speakers of English speakers are welcome.

  • April 23rd to April 24th, 2022, 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

  • Taught by Lisa Friedman

  • Venue: Online

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