You don’t have to consider yourself “a writer” to want to discover who you are on the page.

Explore your creativity through fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

  • Simply Writing (online)

    January 29th to January 30th, 2022

    Do you only write when you have an assignment? What obstacles do you experience to writing? How can you structure your life in order to keep writing? How, exactly, do you finish a piece of writing?

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  • Flash Fiction (online)

    February 26th to February 27th, 2022

    What’s so great about very short stories? Well, you can read a work of flash fiction over a single cup of coffee. And writing a work of micro-fiction can be done in a day.

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  • Writing Memoir (online)

    March 26th to March 27th, 2022

    A personal essay is 3,000 percent easier to write than a short story, claims writer Carol Bly.

    The essay is indeed a scalable form. In fact, this is our starting point for Writing Memoir: the personal essay. During this weekend, you’ll get the coaching to create a complete personal essay—from idea to first draft.

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  • Write for Children (online)

    April 23rd to April 24th, 2022

    How do you write a memorable children’s book?

    How do you create lovable (and hateable!) characters—in children’s and Young Adult fiction & nonfiction? How do you transform a story idea into scenes on the page? And what are the creative requirements for publishable children’s literature?

    At this workshop we’ll explore writing for children versus writing for adults. We’ll analyze the range of categories, from picture books to Young Adult novels.

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Handwritten theme

Most writing happens when we're alone.

That’s why the Amsterdam Writing Workshops exists. To form a community around people who write. To secure a safe place for receiving writing feedback. To cultivate writing skill, and enhance power of expression.

Each month, from September to June, we offer a workshop or two. And while many of the topics may change, one thing remains constant: the Amsterdam Writing Workshops help writers write.

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