Simply Writing

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  • “I found the workshop highly enjoyable, given in a very impressive and highly professional manner.”

    Micha, September 21, 2010

  • “The only other thing I’d like to say is when is the next workshop?”

    Camila, September 21, 2010

  • “The workshop introduced me to the method of freewriting…. It was a pleasant surprise; I enjoyed doing it. Now the task is to keep doing it every day…to keep the fire going.

    I learned to appreciate the fact that I enjoy writing. That criticism need not be negative. Positive feedback helps you move forward and in some cases also helps to get rid of the negative.”

    Vijaya, September 21, 2010

  • “The workshops are wonderfully inspiring and seductively liberating.”

    Zuzanna, September 21, 2010

  • “To try to become ‘unstuck’, I needed new inspiration and inspirational people around me. I learned some great, simple, user friendly tips and techniques, realized that I am a writer and felt totally inspired by the instructor’s enthusiasm (& eccentricities :))

    I learned many things: freewriting, just get it out on to the paper, trust my imagination, never throw away my work, how many great people/writers there are out there, many things….”

    Samantha, September 21, 2010

  • “Good how-to info.”

    Jeremy, September 21, 2010

  • “The workshop was a gift from my husband because he knew that it would be something I’d really like. And he was right. I started writing!”

    Dienke, September 21, 2010

  • “The course really opened my eyes in many ways and proved to me that I can quite effortlessly go inside my head and create a story.”

    Leena, April 6, 2010