Simply Writing

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  • “I learned so much that I don’t know where to start. The highlight of the class was hearing the work of peers…it was deeply moving, creative, and rewarding.”

    Orselia, September 30, 2018

  • “Taking the workshop for the second time (after almost two years) was useful. It encouraged me to again try to put words on paper without constraints or unrealistically high expectations. It was also a good way to kick off a new phase of writing, since I haven’t been super-active as a writer for the last few months. The workshop was liberating and fun; it was awesome and really hands-on.”

    Vanessa, September 30, 2018

  • “I learned strategies for overcoming obstacles in the writing process. Instead of trying to write the perfect piece all at once, there are many steps to take in terms of getting to the end product. To ‘simply write’ is the best advice I have received. The workshop title itself has become a sort of mantra for just doing it!”

    Lamprini, September 30, 2018

  • “Thanks again for this workshop, it was truly inspiring and educational. Regarding key learnings, I would highlight the approaches to creating a piece of work: more than 12 different ways to tackle this. I had never thought of these various ways, and I’m looking forward to identifying the one that works best for me.

    The highlight of the class for me was probably the quality of the work delivered by everyone on Day 2. I appreciated all of the pieces in different ways. I ended up feeling excited to hear each new ‘story’ every time. It was inspiring to be fueled by everyone’s creativity.”

    Antoine, September 30, 2018

  • “I learned to be more tolerant to myself while writing. I learned that it’s not all about the first draft. I learned about different authors, techniques, genres. I learned how to read a text and how to be more efficient and effective while writing. I learned a great deal about myself and others. I challenged myself.

    It was especially useful that the instructor suggested books, authors and articles that each one of us could relate to. I was surprised by how much I learned, and I look forward to attending future events.”

    Galina, April 23, 2018

  • “I had a great weekend and learned a lot! I found my inner writer; instead of thinking too much, I learned to trust my gut feeling telling me what to write 🙂 The highlight of the class was the instructor. She is not only a joy to spend the day with, she is very professional—and sharp.”

    Truus, April 23, 2018

  • “I was surprised by how producing a short text could make me so happy! Thank you, I am so very glad I did it. I can’t point to a highlight, because I enjoyed the entire 2 days. What I can say is that while I feel satisfied with having done the workshop, I also feel ‘unsatisfied’ enough to continue—to write more, learn more, practice more.

    MR, April 23, 2018

  • I learned that I deeply enjoy writing. To be fair: I kind of had an idea of that in advance. But I learned that there are techniques to get you started, to keep you going, to help you systematize your thoughts… And I learned that what we discussed about writing can more or less be applied to any creative process, like design. It was a great two-day journey of discovery.

    Eri, April 9, 2017