The Short Story

See what people are saying

  • “I learned that writing can actually be enjoyable if I just stop overthinking and write! Thank you so much for a wonderful learning and sharing experience. I feel very encouraged to be patient with myself and continue writing.”

    Ashley, September 26, 2021

  • I learned how to conquer my fear of finishing a story. It was so good to get feedback on my story; I was left with the feeling that I can write.”

    Mari, September 26, 2021

  • “The workshop taught me a lot about the structural and narrative elements of short-story writing. I also learned how to carefully select every word, so that every bite of the story is full of flavor.

    I have also come to further understand the importance of writing many drafts to fine-tune your work. I plan to continue writing in all its forms. The knowledge gained on short-story writing will aid that endeavor and will translate to writing in other styles.”

    Frank, January 24, 2021

  • “I learned techniques for writing dialogue; How to write more coherently; and I learned how to channel the unconscious into story.

    I was so inspired by the helpfulness of the writers in this workshop, and their intentional listening.”

    Genevieve, January 24, 2021

  • “I was so excited about the whole weekend. I found the feedback on shortening my story so useful, and I would like to challenge myself to do more intuitive writing. The stories of the other [workshop attendees] really inspired me—so much so that I would like to join a monthly writing group.”

    Liz, January 24, 2021

  • “[I learned] to allow myself the time and space to make mistakes—and to take unusual routes in order to come to a fresh vision.”

    Ritsa, January 24, 2021

  • “I gained a better appreciation for the differences between the short story and the personal essay. I was also reminded of the importance of setting, dialogue, and vivid imagery. Finally, I like the idea of writing as quickly as possible to ‘outrun the censor.’”

    Natalia, January 24, 2021

  • “The workshop helped me understand how a short story is structured and what makes it authentic. I understood how to create interesting settings and identify themes. Hearing other people analyze my work in a professional way was an unforgettable experience.”

    Paulina, March 21, 2020