The Short Story

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  • “I was happy that we received a lot of technique tips and tricks which will prove useful. I learned that I have to spend more time on writing if I am genuinely interested, but I already sort of knew this. I liked the discipline and I needed the discipline. The hand-out contains very good material, good for teasing out a desire to write into something more concrete. I was not sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised and more engaged than I thought I would be; well worth the fees.”

    Helen, June 11, 2010

  • “I learned a lot about technique and structure of writing short stories – I also think this course will help with other forms of writing too (longer fiction, nonfiction). I felt the key messages were about ensuring that we communicate what we really want to, and the structures and techniques will help me to do that.

    I thought the management of the group was outstanding, keeping us focused on the issues, structure and technique and not letting us run off into unstructured opinion-giving.

    One suggestion would be to schedule an optional dinner or drinks session after the workshop so that we can get to know each other a bit.”

    David, June 11, 2010

  • “I learned the importance of adressing narrative questions. I learned that I value working with an outline, because it helps me to adress important narrative questions beforehand. I learned to play by the rules, but not always 🙂

    I learned that I do not respond well to pressure and to try to avoid putting pressure on myself while writing. I also noted that freewriting or writing to prompts works well for me.”

    Milla, June 11, 2010

  • “The teacher was excellent at keeping the group focused by concentrating on the techniques used in the writing and less on the story itself. This way we avoided just sitting around and voicing our opinions and instead learned about the craft of building the story.”

    David, May 27, 2010

  • “The teaching style was appealing and clear. I learned confidence and how to proceed with what I’m doing.”

    Ruth, February 5, 2010

  • “The short story workshop was…a safe and supportive environment in which to learn concrete lessons about the nitty gritty of writing, as well as an enjoyable and charming conversation with like minded individuals who admire and aspire to express their thoughts on the page. Lisa demystified the process of writing in a clear, concise manner, providing relevant examples which all could relate to.”

    Paramjit, January 1, 1970

  • “This is an amazing workshop. I learned to first put things on paper in one go–then to start shaping and giving direction to my story. Great methodology, great teacher, great colleagues. It changed my perspective about writing, not only technically, but it also gave me more confidence to keep writing more and more.”

    Daniel, December 15, 2009

  • “The class exceeded my expectations; I didn’t think we could cover so much in the two evening sessions.

    I also liked the group very much – it was heterogeneous enough to be fun. It was an experiment for me, taking the two evening classes instead of an intensive weekend. It worked for me, especially because I had reserved time to write in between the two evenings. Evening classes have different energy, but the ‘intensity’ (in the positive sense of the word) held up.”

    Erica, December 15, 2009