“Most importantly I learned to appreciate the short story. I’ve always been a novel reader and therefore have always thought when I write something it should be novel length. After the workshop I realized how powerful a short story can be and how difficult it really is to write one. I also learned about the importance of writing a first draft, allowing yourself to really write and not think about whether it’s good or what you should change. I also found the use of prompts very useful. In general I get my prompts from daily life: I’ll see something and use it in my story. But often enough, while writing, I get stuck. Prompts could really help me get past that.

I learned that I already know a lot about writing, even if I don’t know the correct terminology. I also learned that I have ideas that are interesting to people, based on the feedback for the short story we actually wrote during the course. I also learned that it’s not scary to let others read what you write and let them give you their opinion.

And the setting was absolutely brilliant. I loved the feel of the private bookshop for learning more about writing. I don’t think there’s a better place…I absolutely loved the workshop. My boyfriend was spot on in giving me this workshop as a present for my birthday. Thanks so much!”

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