The Short Story

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  • “The Short Story workshop gave me a lot of insight—from other writers, professional and amateur, and from the instructor. What does a writer want to convey, and what techniques is he or she using? We practiced our newly learned skills by crafting our own stories. In short, a very insightful experience.”

    Mees, November 26, 2018

  • “The highlight of the two days was understanding how much of a craft writing is, versus just putting words on the page (although that’s important too).

    I believe I’m getting more and more insight with each workshop, deepening not only my knowledge but awareness of the writing process. It can be overwhelming but it’s also enlightening and empowering—the tools are there!”

    Łukasz, November 26, 2018

  • “The individual attention Lisa shows each participant—their questions and aspirations—worked for me. I got the advice I feel I needed.”

    Vivan, November 26, 2018

  • “Thank you so much for a brilliant writing workshop. I learnt so much, and it gave me the confidence and belief that I can actually do it.”

    AH, November 26, 2018

  • “I got a complete set of guidelines for how to write a short story, from A to Z.

    Lovely group of people attending and a great ambience throughout the workshop.”

    Susie, November 26, 2018

  • “The highlight of the workshop was having written a short story that, despite being imperfect, is something I’m quite proud of.”

    Ebony, November 26, 2018

  • “- I learned the main differences between a short story and a novella.

    – I learned new techniques for revising my work.

    – I internalized some of the techniques needed for developing a good story.

    For me, the highlight of the workshop was the inspiring and creative atmosphere. Thanks for all the effort you put into the classes. I had a great time.”

    Maria, October 22, 2017

  • “I left the workshop feeling a little stronger and more confident about my writing. There is so much to learn and to make my writing more professional and more compelling. In my opinion, the way the instructor treats the participants is the soul of this workshop. Putting ourselves in the spotlight (by submitting a story anonymously) and opening our work to scrutiny is not an easy thing to do. The instructor succeeded in helping us to see that the individual isn’t the focus of this workshop—it’s the text itself. It isn’t about sugar-coating and inflating egos—it’s about helping us realize that there is always something valuable in our writing that can be further explored. So, I left the workshop feeling empowered; thank you for this.”

    Raphael, October 22, 2017