Writing About Food

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  • I have a better understanding of literary tools I can use to tell beautiful stories about food. I drew lots of inspiration from the many different models and styles we analyzed. I’m really grateful that we spent the second day doing a group critique of our pieces. I enjoyed having live feedback from [the presenter]—and hearing honest impressions from everyone in the group. I thought the workshop was wonderful!”

    Peyton, February 19, 2023

  • I learned that writing and feedback doesn’t need to be frightening!

    Connie, February 19, 2023

  • “This particular workshop was a favorite. The feedback I received has motivated me to write and write; the suggestions that I received today were actionable.

    Overall, the workshops this past year and a half have had a cumulative effect. Each workshop has helped me add to my repertoire of techniques and added to skills I didn’t have beforehand. I feel happier and more confident in my writing. I really enjoy the structure provided, the measured tone, the laser focus on the essential—and the what is working/what to improve approach that doesn’t overwhelm. Previously, I had no method, and I was reluctant to write as I was overwhelmed and didn’t know how to proceed. But each workshop has given me new tools and has helped me to focus.”

    Genevieve, February 13, 2021

  • “[This workshop] opened my eyes to the wide range of possibilities within food writing! It is truly inspiring to learn what you are able to produce from the ‘scribbles’ of a session. I’m looking forward to more of taking more of these classes.”

    Alice, February 13, 2021

  • “Thank you for another inspiring workshop. I’m very happy I was able to attend, thrilled about the syllabus, and eager to continue writing. I learned a lot about the many different ways to write about food—or to use food to write about other important topics.

    I learned to look a bit more closely at other texts I love to see why they work for me.

    Quite honestly, I would have happily taken this workshop if it were just a well- led book club for food nerds. But I also really enjoyed hearing the writing of my fellow participants, and I felt privileged to hear so many different personal stories.”

    Maarten, April 14, 2019

  • “I learned that food can work in so many different ways to enrich any copy, in practically any forms. I also learned a number of techniques that are particularly useful when writing about food—but can also be extrapolated to other topics. From very technical to more conceptual tips and tricks, I took home a variety of tools to make my copy more engaging.”

    Mariana, April 14, 2019

  • “I think the workshop gave me a foundation for what elements can constitute good writing (in various constellations) and how I can add some of those elements to make my writing come to life more.

    My favorite part of the workshop…the snacks? But in all seriousness, my favorite part of the workshop was the group leader’s ability to set clear boundaries on what is discussed and when, including steering the group clear of personal preference and taste.”

    Mieke, April 14, 2019

  • “I learned more about the editing process. Really believed that I had to get it right the first time or I wasn’t good. Understanding how drafts work makes me feel like I can be more creative–and that it becomes a process instead of something I get right or wrong.

    I also liked the mix of theory and practice.”

    Abi, April 14, 2019