Nation Novel Writing Month Kickoff

See what people are saying

  • “I really enjoyed the event; it was interesting to discover different literary genres and writing styles. It really helped me to put my writing into perspective—and helped me to notice the different techniques a writer can use.”

    Elisabetta, November 2, 2019

  • “It was lovely to hear excerpts from last year’s successful novels…I learned a lot.”

    Janet, November 2, 2019

  • “After the NaNoWriMo kick-off, all one wants to do is write, write, write.”

    Anita, November 2, 2019

  • Vanessa, November 2, 2019

  • “The content was consistently relevant; there was no wasted time.”

    Jil, November 2, 2019

  • “It was an inspiring afternoon, and I got started right away—2,069 words today! Thank you for an inspiring afternoon!”

    Lucie, November 2, 2019

  • “As always, I really enjoyed the session – the teaching style was simply brilliant. The excerpts made for great examples and I enjoyed the approach of immediately putting what we’d just learned into practice by analysing the texts. I particularly liked being equipped with such clear and concise information and the fact that there was plenty of time for questions.”

    Jade, November 2, 2019

  • “It was very rewarding. When the presentation was over, I went upstairs, to the library cafeteria, and saw Amsterdam in the hazy light below; I felt very happy, and thought to myself that maybe, just maybe, I can write….

    Annbritt, November 2, 2019