The Art of Revision

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  • “It was another great workshop. I have already been implementing some things and definitely it has changed how I approach a revision. I thought the handout was excellent, and full of helpful tips and examples… I am looking forward to seeing the upcoming season of workshops and hope to be able to attend another one soon.”

    Donna, November 5, 2014

  • “The workshop was thought provoking, motivating, and the message was well delivered. I was glad I was able to come!”

    Nicole, November 5, 2014

  • “This workshop provided me with practical techniques, tips and details about how to revise my first draft, and my second and third, until I reach a manuscript that works. In addition to generating and creative part of revising a manuscript, I also learned many useful details regarding the publishing process…Thank you for helping us and guiding us to become better writers: this is beyond valuable, and I am very appreciative.”

    Zohar, November 5, 2014

  • “The workshop has changed the way I look at my own writing and the writing of professional authors. When I read novels, I will now watch for the techniques we discussed during the workshop… Most important, this workshop has given me clear direction. In my opinion, that is the best a two-day workshop can do… I liked the teaching method. It was very direct and sometimes confrontational. I thought it was effective that students were challenged to substantiate their criticism, making it impossible to blurt out random and obtuse critiques… Overall, I’m very positive about this workshop. It was a good first step toward turning hobby into profession.”

    Sander, September 1, 2014

  • “I now have a plan which allows me to look at different aspects in my writing without having to revert to chopping up every single sentence… Thank you for creating a safe environment, as always. And thank you for being open, for being helpful and, more than anything, for turning me back to my work.”

    Meredith, September 1, 2014

  • “One of the main points I took away with me this weekend was how to more effectively use praise and criticism when revising. Instead of reading a piece of writing and declaring – “Wow that was great!” or “Goddamn, that really sucked,” I learned to change those declarations into “That worked well” or “That didn’t work well.” Once these were identified I learned how to grow and nurture what did work well and how to weed out what didn’t… What I learned this weekend will help me to view my writing with a more objective eye.”

    Ian, September 1, 2014

  • “How will the experience impact the way I revise text? Revision is an opportunity to go deeper into each character, into the details, the setting….

    The surprise was that the way I thought about revision process roughly matched the class.

    The hand-out information is very organized and useful–contains practical suggestions.”

    Sun Tian, June 16, 2013

  • “What did I learn about the revision process? To treat text like a car and fix mechanical problems. The course made revision a faster, easier, and more technical process.”

    Marie-Jeanne, June 16, 2013