“I learned…to tap into the unconscious mind and the creative self. It’s immensely liberating to write without any conscious effort, and without the tendency to self-edit or self-criticise.

I had a truly powerful revelation during the class: I discovered that writing in the third person liberated me enormously from the (self-imposed) constraints of writing in first person. I have always written in first person, perhaps because I’ve been writing journals most of my life. As such, my writing always felt too personal, and admittedly too uninteresting, to share with others. Writing in the third person allowed me to address personal subjects with some distance, making them somehow safer to explore.

Thank you for creating a nurturing, safe environment in the workshop that allowed me to tap into my own creative voice and to summon the courage to share my writing with others. That exchange – sharing each other’s writing – was a powerful exercise, and is perhaps one of the best ways to learn from others and improve.

I was truly impressed by the quality of writing in the class; there are some truly gifted writers out there.”

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