“What, exactly, did I learn at the “Writing Flash Fiction” workshop?

Big question! I learnt so much: what flash fiction is, how to go about writing it, how to appreciate it (I have never been a lover of the short story!), how to give constructive criticism in the best, most positive way.

The workshop exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed every minute of it, and it was really inspiring to be surrounded by so much talent. The instructor presented the content in such an accessible and fun, friendly way. I cannot thank her enough for organising such a great day.

What was the highlight of the workshop?
Can I say the snacks? No, joking! (Sort of.) I think the highlight for me was hearing everyone’s work. I was so inspired that I couldn’t stop talking about everything we did when I got home. I learnt so much, and it reinforced my decision to move into the literary arena for my career change. The snacks were quite something! I have been to so many workshops/courses etc. in my professional life, and to work with someone who understands that the brain needs feeding, well! This just really impressed me, and helped keep my energy levels up. Thank you!”

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