“Lisa Friedman, the workshop leader for ‘Simply Writing’, is one of those ‘good souls’ you always hope to meet, but so rarely do in life. Her militant opposition to criticism within the workshop left me, and in my judgment the other participants, able to express ourselves during the workshop without fear. Moreover, we were able to see that another paradigm is possible–one in which the beauty of our expression, no matter how unrefined, makes it madness to destroy or stop our own creativity just because we hear the nastiness of the ever-present internal critic. She provided us with an incredible battery of resources for getting started and staying in the game of writing. Since participating in ‘Simply Writing’, I am proud to say that I have stopped destroying my own work which I deemed ‘not good enough.’ If you aren’t a fellow ‘get rid of it quick before anyone sees that crap’ writer, then you may not realize what an enormous accomplishment that is. Thank you so much, Lisa.”

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