“I learned that if you want to generate good material you have to generate a lot of material. This is actually good for me, because it fits with the way I work in general, and the way I design, in particular.

I loved being given a set of ‘steps’ for writing a short story. I liked having a methodological framework that makes me feel secure. It made me see that here, as well, it’s a matter of time—and sweat. There are no exceptions, even for the ‘good’ writers.

I must say that being at the workshop felt surprisingly good, and I was very much at ease during the two days. And I believe I can put my finger on why:
first, because of the way it was organized, and second, because not being a writer, I didn’t feel the pressure to achieve a certain level with my story. I didn’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone; I went there to learn.”