“I enjoyed the workshop very much. What I learned was: a lot. The instructor’s approach to teaching is very inspiring. She’s able to give a lot of information in a humorous and exciting way. It was very upbeat, positive and invigorating. I liked how she got us all to use our brains to think about what we were hearing (in finished stories) and to point out other comments to each writer that may not have been verbalized by the writers.

The best part of what I learned was how to write a short story focusing on all the points we had reviewed. This gave me a good guideline to work with and I focused on these when writing the story, so as to keep on track and not get distracted. This also enabled me to write the story in the given time. Overall, I have a lot of helpful info to use in future, no matter which direction my writing takes me. I am not sure that short stories are the way to go for me, but I will keep at it and see.“

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