“As a content writer at a tech company, I produce profiles and other assorted posts. So this class gave me immediate actionable steps into improving my daily work. But even more so, it has helped me land on nonfiction as the genre of writing I am most passionate about in the immediate, given me the courage to pursue it wholeheartedly and shown me how much more I have to learn about it.

“I think the instructor gave us a proper foundation to build on, including plenty of applicable techniques. More than just reading and assessing sample pieces, she gave us insight on technique, language, tricks and pro tips that would be hard to come by simply learning online. I was also surprised by how much I learned about interviewing! Having to write a piece overnight was hard but extremely rewarding and I learned a lot about myself, my abilities and aptitude this weekend. Overall, this workshop also helped solidify my passion for writing and point me squarely in the direction of nonfiction.

“I like that we were given multiple techniques and foundational advice on how to write nonfiction. More than just reading a sample piece, the instructor helped us dissect it, addressing each paragraph and pulling out the most important details. I enjoy that the class was broken up into sections; the flow was engaging, as was the instructor. I really enjoyed her energy and obvious passion for the craft. Not all good writers are also good teachers, but this instructor seems to be one of those rare souls.”