Irma [Driessen]

“My favorite parts of this workshop:

  • The reader packed with stuff, so after the energy of the workshop, the pumpedupness, you can cool down at home while lingering a little bit longer in that same spirit.
  • The close reading (distilling techniques from actual poems) combined with the doing (turning freewriting into a “finished” first draft)
  • Your workshops show me again and again how much can be done in a relatively short time. It’s difficult to achieve this at home, I guess because you provide pacing and efficiency.
  • The interaction of the two instructors, the different perspectives. Great duet. • Seriousness combined with humor, wit.
  • The words and the work are center-stage.
  • The feedback

Please keep your workshops this condensed, this fully packed, this intense. Not a minute goes to waste; time flies, I feel alive :-)”

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