Writing Nonfiction

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  • “Writing Nonfiction is taught in a very ‘adult’ way. I have never before been to a course in which there are so few prescriptions and the participants were treated as intelligent grown-ups, capable of using guidelines to figure things out for themselves. Also, the course is incredibly practical; I didn’t expect that.”

    Katya, March 24, 2019

  • “Everyone at Writing Nonfiction had a story that was unique and told in a style that was completely original.

    The course was hard work, but only because Lisa has a sneaky way of getting you to think all the time—even when you don’t even realise it! Yet somehow (despite the rigour for a tired unfit brain), the weekend was really fun.”

    Emma, March 24, 2019

  • “I found the weekend to be very impactful, rich with information for writers of all levels, whether they’ve been writing for several years or just beginning their writing journey.

    Working on a piece of writing was indeed very exciting. I enjoyed that we got to hear our work read out loud and discussed in an environment that felt safe and supportive.”

    Mark, March 25, 2018

  • “I learned that there are many ways to write a piece of nonfiction. Before the workshop, I had quite a rigid, formal view of how to write a nonfiction. The highlight of the workshop: that I can write nonfiction in a creative and compelling way.”

    Dilfa, March 25, 2018

  • “I think the main thing I took away from the workshop is that writing is writing, no matter the category or genre. I always had this idea that nonfiction was a completely different animal from fiction, with its own set of rules and its own structure. Now I see nonfiction writing as a big box of Lego: you can only use what is in front of you, but the combinations are infinite.

    Being given a deadline was very helpful. I’m a notoriously slow writer, so being forced to finish something in a such a short time showed me I can produce quality writing without obsessing over every word for days and weeks on end.

    As usual, thanks for the enthusiastic teaching. I don’t know how the instructor is able to keep up that level of energy for a whole weekend workshop; it’s amazing.”

    Ian, March 25, 2018

  • “So glad I went to the workshop. I had been on the lookout for creative writing workshops for a long time, and finally found this, almost by accident (when I attended the Feel at Home in the Hague fair and saw the Amsterdam Writing Workshops stand). And it really didn’t disappoint.

    Except for some occasional contributions to a newsletter for an NGO and personal journaling, I have not had any practice at all in writing nonfiction pieces. This workshop has really motivated me to start, just start, no matter how amateurish I feel.

    I really enjoyed hearing other people’s work and the feedback. I can’t wait to get started on my next nonfiction piece; that’s how motivated I am after the workshop ?”

    Debbie, March 25, 2018

  • “I learned important fundamentals of writing non-fiction. I also learned about my style as a writer and what I need to develop further.

    I found the entire weekend to be enlightening. It was professionally-run, highly engaging and offered an appropriate balance of encouragement and challenge for the participants. An extremely supportive learning environment.”

    Meagan, March 25, 2018

  • “I learned more about how to write in an appealing style and how to improve the draft, stylistically and content-wise.”

    Valeria, March 25, 2018