Writing Memoir

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  • “I discovered that memoir can be written creatively—and shaped artistically. At first, I felt a little uncomfortable, because the piece I wrote was very personal. But everyone in the group was kind and open-minded. In the end, I actually felt grateful, honored and lucky to be a part of this workshop, and to be able to witness everyone’s growth as a writer.

    Milda, March 28, 2022

  • “After taking the Writing Memoir workshop, it occurred to me that I learned more about headspace, story, feeling, direction, and playfulness than I ever thought I would! I was pleasantly surprised at how much time and consideration [the presenter] gave to feeling and conveying a writer’s voice. I really, really loved listening to others talk about these deep and meaningful subjects and points of view.

    It was cathartic to hear others opinions about my work, as well. I’ve shown some of my writing to friends and family and such…but there’s a lot to be said for constructive critique from writers who don’t necessarily know me and have nothing invested!

    Liam, March 27, 2022

  • “The Writing Memoir workshop has opened me up to the enormous possibilities in writing, and I feel like a total novice, which means there is a huge, exciting universe ahead of me.

    The workshop taught me to value my story and my experiences. I learned that the environment has to safe and quiet for the stories to bubble up. While I felt vulnerable at first, it also felt safe and liberating to have others hear my work. I really liked how carefully the presenter moderated the process; participants were able to let me know directly what they liked about my piece, but the presenter only commented on what could be improved. Since it is such deeply personal work that we were sharing, it felt safer to have an experienced voice talk about what could be improved. The feedback was non-threatening, and the presenter is a master at turning negatives into positives.”

    Dee Dee, March 27, 2022

  • “I learned about how varied memoir writing can be. We explored different types of memoir, which provided structure for our work. I learned about the use of prompts and the value of collecting memoir fragments from my own life. In general, I learned a lot about developing a writing practice, and I practiced giving myself permission to write my story.

    I would recommend this workshop to anyone considering writing memoir. It will guide them towards reading memoir and provide a safe space to begin exploring their own story.”

    Michelle, March 27, 2022

  • “The emotional support Lisa provides is rocket fuel for a writer. Sharing my work with an international audience that includes people from all walks of life makes me feel as though my voice can travel across the world. The positive feedback brings me one step closer to having the courage to send out the work. Rarely have I had such a productive writing weekend – even while attending a workshop from a different time zone. This workshop transformed me.

    Ann, March 27, 2022

  • “The workshop taught me how to formulate and put my thoughts on paper without hesitation.

    I enjoyed the work of others. I found them all very open and willing to share. I did not feel intimidated—even though I had never studied writing.”

    Karen, June 26, 2021

  • “The materials and conversation helped me understand why I love essays. They do at least two things: tell us an anecdote and connect it to a universal truth. The class gave me a rich framework for thinking about possible ways to structure future essays and it has also gave me great resources to learn more once the workshop was over. We learned that there are rules and expectations, and yet we also have room to be free and make our own choices when writing.”

    Monica, June 26, 2021

  • “Overall, this workshop encouraged me to find my authentic voice; I was able to pinpoint what drew me in as a memoirist. I really believe I can benefit a lot from the way [the instructor] approach(es) the writing process, and I love exploring/learning/discovering more.”

    Selin, June 26, 2021