Writing Memoir

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  • “The workshop taught me how to formulate and put my thoughts on paper without hesitation.

    I enjoyed the work of others. I found them all very open and willing to share. I did not feel intimidated—even though I had never studied writing.”

    Karen, June 26, 2021

  • “The materials and conversation helped me understand why I love essays. They do at least two things: tell us an anecdote and connect it to a universal truth. The class gave me a rich framework for thinking about possible ways to structure future essays and it has also gave me great resources to learn more once the workshop was over. We learned that there are rules and expectations, and yet we also have room to be free and make our own choices when writing.”

    Monica, June 26, 2021

  • “Overall, this workshop encouraged me to find my authentic voice; I was able to pinpoint what drew me in as a memoirist. I really believe I can benefit a lot from the way [the instructor] approach(es) the writing process, and I love exploring/learning/discovering more.”

    Selin, June 26, 2021

  • “The “Writing Memoir” workshop taught me to think outside the (memory) box. I used the idea of “the remembered moment” to write my personal essay; [the workshop] taught me to write from an emotion, and at the same time, to look at what I write as if I’m sculpting the story for the reader, inviting the reader into my memory. I felt honored to be part of everyone else’s writing process, too.”

    Priscilla, June 26, 2021

  • “When it comes to creative writing, Lisa is my trusted mentor, coach and workshop leader. Her feedback is always constructive, insightful and galvanizing.”

    Kerrie, November 21, 2020

  • “I was initially concerned about getting emotionally overwhelmed when letting other people hear my work, but by doing a second draft of review for myself focusing on the techniques learned and not on the personal emotion that went into the first draft, I managed to distance myself from the thoughts and focus on the text.

    My goal is to have a toolbox of different techniques that I can practice and choose from, depending on the story that I am interested in developing, and this workshop helped me do that.”

    RS, November 21, 2020

  • “The exercises that we did on the first day are a wonderful way to start writing anything, anywhere. The course, by allowing us to hear our work read aloud, was a valuable exercise in experiencing one’s writing from a distance. It felt liberating and very real to hear my text read out loud by someone else.

    The atmosphere created in this workshop was welcoming, and really kept the focus on the material. Everyone left with tools to be able to continue writing—and enjoy the process.”

    Sára, November 21, 2020

  • “The “writing memoir” workshop taught me how to write more vividly and imbue the story with verisimilitude. If a piece is authentic, my personal experience can become universal—and reach the reader on a deeper level. This was really stimulating, as I felt invited to experiment with my own writing.

    The atmosphere was also really striking. The entire workshop took place in a professional and safe space where I could express myself and receive constructive feedback. I tend to be very critical towards what I write, but letting others hear my work was a huge gift, a sort of reality check that gave me further stimulus to keep writing and value the result of those efforts.”

    EB, November 21, 2020