The Poetic Voice

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  • “I cannot thank you enough for the fantastic workshop. I liked everything about it: the gentle guidance, the supportive group, the atmosphere, the poems chosen, the depth of the discussion, the emotions and images that circulated, the thinking generated, the fact that we were spread out in so many corners of the world yet cosily connected, sitting in our different homes.  Your workshop is definitely the activity that has brought me most joy and meaning in the past month.”

    Ingrid (Brussels), April 25, 2020

  • “I learned to read poetry with a more informed eye to technique and to how the words on the page resonate when spoken aloud. It was a pleasure to take part in this workshop and, as always, it felt very safe. The online aspect made it even more intimate, I found.”

    Jill (Culemborg, The Netherlands), April 25, 2020

  • “1. I learned what poetry is and I learned to write a poem.
    2. My favorite part of the class was the feedback on my poem.
    3. I love the writing workshops! 👍

    Thanks for the encouragement!”

    Ingrid (Vienna), April 25, 2020

  • “I learned to be open, go with the flow, be present in an online space. Writing myself, I haven’t focused on poetry for a couple of years now; it was great to get back to it. I also enjoyed the feedback forum and critique. I would’ve liked to have had the time to apply the learnings before the close of the class—or maybe in a follow-up class/workshop. I enjoyed hearing from the other participants, too; it was great to have such an international group.”

    Lisa T. (Amsterdam), April 25, 2020

  • “I learned to pay attention to—and to characterize—poetic voices. It was great to see all the participants’ poetry unfold. So much creativity, so many different styles and takes on poetry. That is truly inspiring and a reminder that we are more creative and resourceful than we (I) tend to think. A reminder to keep going. I also really enjoyed hearing the instructors’ analysis of the poems. Really useful!”

    Solveig (Gouda, The Netherlands), April 25, 2020

  • “The literary feedback was exciting. It really helped me to get a sense of another person’s perspective on and understanding of my work. It was great to meet the instructor and the other writers.”

    Marite (Perth, Australia), April 25, 2020