Write for Children

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  • There are many reasons why I write, but I have always believed that a story needs an audience, a reader – a story needs to be heard one way or another. And even when it is scary, exciting and nerve-wracking to expose that vulnerable part of you to others, at the end it is very rewarding to see how other people react to your work, how you as a writer have managed to capture their interest or provoke an emotion out of them. It is always a bit scary to hear your work being read out loud, especially in front of others – nevertheless, the experience is empowering.

    The atmosphere in the workshop was amazing, the opportunity to spend time and talk about children’s literature with like-minded people was inspiring. The conversations and comments flowing through the workshop gave me a lot of insight.”

    Mari, April 24, 2022

  • “Despite being a veteran of online writing courses, I learned a great deal at this workshop. Letting others read my work was also a great way of testing my ideas are working; the first-hand feedback was a goldmine.

    I’m so pleased about the positive approach at the workshop; it made me feel as though I was in good hands, from start to finish.

    ZG, April 24, 2022

  • “I learnt numerous techniques to use when writing for children and young adults. Learning how to recognise and understand these was eye-opening.

    I enjoyed the learning environment. The timing and pace of the workshops were well structured, keeping everyone involved, alert, and even entertained!”

    Angela, February 28, 2016

  • “This was a great workshop. The teacher clearly knows her stuff and is very energetic and highly inspiring. Many thanks.”

    Ron, February 28, 2016

  • “I learned very useful techniques for making literature interesting to kids. I’d love to continue writing for children and young adults.”

    Vanessa, February 28, 2016

  • “I learned a lot about the writing styles suited to different age groups; to really pay attention to the characters and scene of the story; and to be aware of how details can make a difference to the reader.

    I look forward to continuing to write, working on my storytelling and trying to engage the imaginations of a young children in words.This is the second Amsterdam Writing Workshop I have attended, and once again I very much enjoyed meeting people who also enjoy writing and getting new ideas about ways of putting stories on paper!”

    Josephine, February 28, 2016

  • I learnt that I could generate an idea—and even a whole story—in a very short period of time.  I also learnt more about writing for the different age groups—and about unexpected techniques used when writing for children. The workshop provided techniques to help me continue and improve my current project. I love the extensive hand-out, which I can refer back to when revising.”

    Andrea, February 28, 2016