How to Write Funny

See what people are saying

  • “I really liked hearing the pieces everyone wrote, and the personal advice we received. The hand-out is great, really useful for practising ‘writing funny’ on our own.”

    Maartje, January 20, 2007

  • “Thank you very much for loosening up some of my residual tight-assed-ness about the absurdity of the world.”

    Jim, January 20, 2007

  • “I liked the workshop. At some point during the weekend, I even considered a career as stand-up comedian. That’s how surprised I was to discover my hidden talent! Thank you very much.”

    Marijke, January 20, 2007

  • “I enjoyed the dynamic of the group, which was refreshingly non-aggressive and unpretentious. I think you delivered a super course that was engaging and interactive.”

    Lyndon, January 20, 2007