Creative Writing

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  • “GOOD FUN…the most inspiring and amusing and knowledgeable teacher. I don’t know how she musters that special wonderful energy; it is a huge pleasure to be on the workshop.”

    Karen, September 2, 2014

  • “I learned how to work with loose and disconnected pieces towards a focused idea. I also realised that the part of the reason why I sometimes feel stuck is that I don’t have the perspective clear. It was a very safe and supportive environment that I enjoyed very much. I have learned so much this past year. I am looking forward to continuing learning and developing my writing in whatever form and shape that may be.”

    Solveig, September 2, 2014

  • “It was very beneficial to me to be able to see that I’d actually achieved quite a lot already– and to meet people who were totally passionate about writing. I’m not sure I’ve ever met such a large group of passionate, articulate and interesting people.”

    Susannah, June 7, 2013

  • “I learned the importance of studying your genre. Not judging the writing in the first place as it comes out—separating the writing process and the editing process and not trying to do both at once. It can be fun as well as daunting!

    These workshops are always stimulating—sometimes in ways you cannot quite put your finger on, you just feel the inspiration that you carry away with you.”

    Maureen, April 25, 2013

  • “I enjoyed the lively, inspiring guidance and involvement of the instructor; interaction with other class members; homework & it being read aloud— and feedback.”

    Donna, April 25, 2013