Flash Fiction

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  • “The workshop was great! Thank you!

    The highlight was listening to all of the stories written on that day. I was really impressed and entertained.

    I would like to have had a bit more time to write. I found it very enlightening and fun! Met some really nice people (again). Great snacks!”

    Sandra, February 17, 2018

  • “Thank you very much for this very well-structured and inspiring workshop. It’s always stimulating to discover what others write, discouraging in a way as well, as you realize there are so many talents out there: What could you possibly add to it?
    One writer in the room had an answer to that question: there is a reader for every story. ‘Somebody is waiting to read your story,’ she said.”

    Annie, February 17, 2018

  • “I particularly enjoyed the way the workshop was structured: the emphasis on form. The highlight of the workshop was the selection of the pieces. The stories were really suited to the workshop. In one particular story, every single sentence is perfect—I think I’ll print it and hang it up at home. The selection of stories was good because, they opened up my horizons.”

    David, February 17, 2018