Why Write

“The agony that goes into writing is borne precisely because the writer longs for acceptance.” – Ralph Ellison “The ascent of creative-writing, particularly in an age dominated by the impatient pursuit of visual stimulation, might seem harder to explain. But my sense is that people remain desperate for the emotional communion provided by literature.” –… Read more

Writers & Family

Many a book has not been written on account of the writer’s fear of hurting family members in the process. Consider Jenny Zhang’s sane and sensitive response when asked about this:

Writing & Politics

“If you are a writer from turbulent geographies, such as Turkey, Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan or Mexico, you do not have the luxury of being apolitical.

Writing Workshops

“A writing workshop or a literature class isn’t a rehearsal for some future performance. It’s a space, maybe even a sanctuary, in which a group of writers come together to practice the discipline of reading: where we learn to engage with the words on the page and the world they portray, assess, or open.” –… Read more

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