Flash Fiction

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  • “I initially felt intimidated when I realized the degree to which some of [the other workshop attendees] were into writing. But as it turned out, they all used their experience to the benefit of the group. That speaks volumes for how the workshops are facilitated.

    I learned how to approach the writing of a surprisingly demanding type of fiction, and I enjoyed the feedback from people of different backgrounds whose common denominator was their sincere involvement in the pleasure of reading literature and the pain of creating it.”

    Anthony, April 24, 2021

  • “Despite its abbreviated form, flash fiction may actually be more varied than standard short stories, or the novel. I liked seeing the different forms that works of flash fiction can take, as well as what other writers consider important—especially how they work with language to create a story.”

    Jillian, April 24, 2021

  • “I would say that for the first time ever in a writing class, I was completely satisfied with the instruction. The central question is HowHow does one write in this form? How does one compose? How does one structure? I was very satisfied with the precision of [the instructor’s] answers to these questions.

    [The instructor] has such passion for her craft that it became a spiritual experience when she passed on her knowledge to the group.”

    Paul, October 24, 2020

  • “I have to admit that before the class, I thought flash fiction was ‘too fancy’ for me, somehow. I was pleasantly surprised to discover how much fun it actually was. I walked away from the workshop with a better and a deeper appreciation for the genre and its many forms. In the coming days, I’ll go back to the handout material, to fully appreciate the depth of my discoveries.

    I have been to a lot of workshops and worked with a lot of mentors/writing instructors in my ten years of writing. This workshop is definitely in my top three.”

    Natalia, October 24, 2020

  • “[I’m grateful] for the incredible weekend workshop! Not only did I learn that I love short stories and flash fiction—a genre I had never read before—but I learned that this is a very natural way for me to read and write. I am excited to read from the endless list of books recommended—and to write, write, write.”

    Liz, October 24, 2020

  • “I really liked the entire workshop. Reading stories and talking about technique encouraged a broader perspective. I did not expect that attending an online writing workshop would necessarily work, but it did.”

    Natacha, October 24, 2020

  • “The best part of the class? Writing a story and hearing it read aloud to a ‘room’ full of strangers. It’s like sex in the park.”

    Chris (Amsterdam), April 25, 2020

  • “I learned that although I am a novice writer, there was equal opportunity for everyone at the workshop; the instructor gave everyone equal time. When we discussed the stories, the comments were laser-like, backed up by evidence on the page. This tight structure was so useful to me in understanding how to read—and how to write!”

    Genevieve L. (Brooklyn, NY), April 25, 2020