Flash Fiction

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  • “The best part of the class? Writing a story and hearing it read aloud to a ‘room’ full of strangers. It’s like sex in the park.”

    Chris (Amsterdam), April 25, 2020

  • “I learned that although I am a novice writer, there was equal opportunity for everyone at the workshop; the instructor gave everyone equal time. When we discussed the stories, the comments were laser-like, backed up by evidence on the page. This tight structure was so useful to me in understanding how to read—and how to write!”

    Genevieve L. (Brooklyn, NY), April 25, 2020

  • “I must say I truly enjoyed the workshop. Given the requirement to do the workshop online, I think it worked very well, despite not being in the same room as everyone else. I haven’t felt that uninhibited creative part of my brain fire-up in so long, and to hear the feedback, and see my piece alongside everyone else’s—I think it elevated my self-belief. I’d often been very nervous about sharing this kind of work in a more public setting. It’s often deeply personal, and difficult to share openly. But sharing the work anonymously, and seeing other people taking that same risk, made it feel a lot less daunting.”

    Matt (Amsterdam), April 25, 2020

  • “What an amazing variety of pieces produced by the members of the class—and the feedback on my own piece was encouraging. It was a lovely atmosphere and group of people, and actually I often felt as though I were there physically. Many thanks again; it was a great two days.”

    Caroline S. (London), April 25, 2020

  • “I learned that a good story does not need to be long to be great and memorable. I enjoyed discovering new authors and identifying what makes the very different texts presented great pieces of writing. Day 2 was practical: I liked the variety [of pieces written] and that chance to reflect on what is working. Finally, thank you! I feel boosted by the structure and the learnings on how to be more productive. It’s a great feeling!”

    Audrey R. (Amsterdam), April 25, 2020

  • “I learned that writing is not formulated in my head, first—it is what magically emerges when I put pen to paper in a playful way, with a time limit, and with a variety of prompts. The method encourages my brain to loosen its grip on my creativity. The best part of the class is writing in a safe, supportive environment with an inspiring teacher and motivating classmates. I really loved the instructor’s ability to mine whatever/however attendees share (struggles, triumphs, insights) and reframe them in a way that taught deep lessons about good writing. The other wonderful aspect of the class was seeing how participants used different styles and processes to create and recreate.”

    Lisa B. (Arusha, Tanzania), April 25, 2020

  • “The flash fiction workshop was a very good experience. I learned about what is important in writing a very short story; I can now improve my work, bring it to a more professional level. It was amazing to see flash fiction taken seriously and to have the company of fantastic writers!”

    Paula (The Netherlands), April 25, 2020

  • “The best and most surprising part of the workshop this weekend was that it worked so well online. It was nearly like us all being in an actual room together, with the instructor leading the workshop just as she normally would — professionally and with a tremendous dose of humor.”

    Hedy (The Netherlands), April 25, 2020