September 25, 2019 - Writing for NGOs

The NGO and non-profit sector is as competitive as any other. Practically every organization seeks greater visibility, an influx of funding, and more volunteers—or all of the above. “Writing for NGOs” analyzes those needs, and gives step-by-step approaches to tackling them in writing.

This workshop is offered by The Institute for Business Writing.

What You Will Learn
> Ways to write better fundraising materials—including grant proposals
> How to modulate your tone when addressing different audiences
> How to revise vision & mission statements, when authorized
> How to frame social & political problems more compellingly
> How to avoid clichés and tell authentic, original stories
> How to strategize streamlined annual reports
> How to be concise or detailed, as needed

Why this Course is Unique
The course was co-developed by career peace-activist Shelley Anderson and writing trainer Lisa Friedman. Shelley designed, secured funding for, and implemented the Women and Peace program for the International Fellowship of Reconciliation. Lisa Friedman founded the Institute for Business Writing.

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