June 16, 2019 - Free Mini-workshop: How to Write for Love and Money

Where: At the Eindhoven Expat Fair
Time: 11:00 – 11:30

What does it take to write professionally? To write for yourself? What is the difference? And what techniques can be useful for both kinds of writing?

At this mini-workshop, we’ll discuss how to advance your writing—whether you’re writing web content, reports, short stories, nonfiction…. We’ll explore:
– how the market distinguishes amateurs from professionals.
– how to cultivate writing as a profession.
– how to grow as a creative writer.

Lisa Friedman is a career writer and educator. She founded the Amsterdam Writing Workshops and the Institute for Business Writing.

Please register to reserve your place.

A (free) ticket to the Eindhoven Expat Fair is also required.

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