Writing & Politics

“If you are a writer from turbulent geographies, such as Turkey, Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan or Mexico, you do not have the luxury of being apolitical.


“The only way you can tell the truth is by concentrating and not turning away from it.” – Celia Paul, Painter

Selfishness and Writing

“A book is made out of small selfishnesses. The selfishness of shutting the door against your family. The selfishness of ignoring the pram in the hall. The selfishness of forgetting the real world to create a new one. The selfishness of stealing stories from real people. The selfishness of saving the best of yourself for… Read more


“Procrastination is the indispensable foundation supporting a vast structure known as ‘your time.’ Twenty-four hours, seven days a week, every week, all year long, it’s a broad canvas, waiting to be filled.


“Every form is difficult, no one is easier than another. They all kick your ass.” – James Baldwin


“What is an essay? An essay is a work of literary art which has a minimum of one anecdote and one ‘universal idea.’ If it has no anecdote, it is at best doctrine and at worst shouting in the motel bar. If it has no universal idea, and its anecdote is autobiographical, it is at… Read more

Writing Workshops

“A writing workshop or a literature class isn’t a rehearsal for some future performance. It’s a space, maybe even a sanctuary, in which a group of writers come together to practice the discipline of reading: where we learn to engage with the words on the page and the world they portray, assess, or open.” –… Read more

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