“I don’t pay much attention to the distinction between fantasy and science fiction–or between ‘genre’ and ‘mainstream’ for that matter. For me, all fiction is about prizing the logic of metaphors—

First drafts

“We have to approach the first draft of a short story entirely differently from how we work on any of the subsequent drafts. This is the draft in which we do no assessing and no organizing because we are inventing. We are still generating, not judging. In the first draft, we get to be like… Read more

Writers & Family

Many a book has not been written on account of the writer’s fear of hurting family members in the process. Consider Jenny Zhang’s sane and sensitive response when asked about this:


“I was obsessive with writing, but I wasn’t ever disciplined. Because if you’re obsessive you don’t need discipline. You just do it all the time. Why would you impose a regimen, when this is your love?” – Lorrie Moore


Why Great Copywriters Make Great Novelists By Lisa Friedman Who used to be a copywriter? It’s a regular roll call of the literarily famous: Fay Weldon and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Dorothy Sayers and Salman Rushdie. Don DeLillo and Joseph Heller. Amy Tan, William Gaddis, Elliott Holt—the list goes on. So, what did they learn in… Read more


“Boredom is the fear of self.” – Marie Josephine Suin De Beausacq

Bookshelf—Books published by our alumni.

Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok Introducing a fresh, exciting Chinese-American voice, Girl in Translation is an inspiring debut about a young immigrant in America, a smart girl who, living a double life between school and sweatshop, understands that her family’s future is in her hands.


The End of Eddy is an instance of what is sometimes called autofiction, which has been the source of some of the most interesting English-language fiction of the past decade. There is a long tradition of such writing, especially in French, and queer writers are central to it: behind all such novels lies the example… Read more

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