“If a book [that you’re writing] is too dark, it controls you.” – Akhil Sharma


In Praise of Remainder Books Food that no one really wants to eat is called leftovers. Lengths of cloth that no one really wants to buy are called remnants. And books that no one really wants to read are called remainders.

Q&A: The Amsterdam Writing Workshops

1. What’s a good starting point for the workshops?  Some people prefer to start with “Simply Writing,” because it’s all about being able to get the words out of your head and onto the page. Others prefer to get started with “The Short Story” or “Writing Nonfiction.” To discuss whether this class is right for… Read more


“What a good editor does is make your text the way you really would have wanted it to be if you had been doing it on your most disciplined, best day. It’s like Michelangelo looking at a piece of marble. There’s a shape inside it. And one of the ways to get that shape out… Read more


“Sometimes it takes more courage to be the passenger than to be the driver.” – E. L. Konigsburg

Alejandro Zambra

Zambra: I’ve been writing most of my life; it’s just something I do. There is a big difference between writing and publishing. I don’t have any doubts that I need writing. I need it personally because this is the way I think. Publishing my book is like giving it away. At first you start talking… Read more


“[Xanaduism is] academic research that focuses on the sources behind imaginative works of literature and fantasy. John Livingstone Lowes, in his publication The Road to Xanadu (1927), inspired the name, which in turn goes back to Coleridge’s visionary poem ‘Kubla Khan’. . . . More recently, the term has been used in a pejorative sense… Read more


“The determination to share, to enlighten, to entertain by writing reflects what is finest in human nature. . . It takes pride and a strong sense of self to write for publication, to tell the world (or a small part thereof) that we think our ideas are important, our experiences valuable—even at the risk of… Read more

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